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Les Robots fêtent Pâques

Je vous invite à visiter Le Blog BD de Oni qui a fait cette chouette illustration !

I Am Radio

A Girl in the 1960’s dreams of being the first female DJ…

Written and Directed by Wendy Mccolm

New York or the chips’ enigma

Anything can start with a packet of potato chips on a particular day…it was my second trip to NYC and to be honest I didn’t hold this city close to my heart at that time. I had been there already two years before, in 2011, for one month, alone, as a backpacker, with rain and coldness as my only friends while a huge heatwave was warming France up (poor me, I was very unlucky!). At the end of February 2014 I decided to visit the big apple again, the one I kept buried deep down in my packet of chips…

I’ve seen Ground Zero taller than ever, trying to talk to aliens thanks to its big telescopic aerial close to Space, I’ve been staring at an incredibly nice sunset from the High Line, had a crazily tasty meal at Kitchenette in Chambers street (a place I strongly recommend) and found out where ducks go when it gets frozen all over (“You know those ducks in that lagoon right near Central Park South?”), just before eating a spicy burger at Shake Shack on 8th avenue…

By the way, it was the first time I crossed Williamsburg bridge. On the other side, through the deserted, windy and freezing blocks, I’ve finally found something special, something intangible but pleasant, like old, evanescent memories at the corner of each streets…

Mon nom est Elodie Hachet, je suis robot-comédienne et à la recherche constante de personnes intergalactiques et d'endroits cosmiques. "I am a Robot and You ?" dénicheurs de talents & de lieux où errer ☆ ☆ ☆


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